The 6th lectures(2017)


John Broome (Emeritus White's Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford)

Reason: Normativity and Rationality


Lecture 1 (November 25): Normativity versus Rationality


Lecture 2 (November 29): Normativity


Lecture 3 (November 30): Rationality

The 5th lectures (2015)


Tyler Burge 
(Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, UCLA) 

Avoiding Hyper-Intellectualization: Examples in Theory of Mind and Theory of Knowledge 


Lecture 1 (October 29): Do Apes and Very Young Children Attribute Mental States?


Lecture 2 (October 30): Perception: Ground of Emprical Objectivity


Lecture 3 (October 31): Entitlement and Confirmation

The 4th lectures (2014)

Ned Block (Silver Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Center for Neural Science at New York University)

Consciousness, Attention and Perception

Lecture 1 (October 13): Conscious, Preconscious, Unconscious


Lecture 2 (October 14): Seeing-as, Concepts and Non-conceptual Content


Lecture 3 (October 16): The Canberra Plan Neglects Ground

The 3rd lectures (2013)



Timothy Williamson (Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford University)

Philosophical Methods

Lecture 1 (December 16): Thought Experiments


Lecture 2 (December 17): Abduction


Lecture 3 (December 18): Model-Building

The 2nd lectures (2012)


Philip Kitcher (John Dewey Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University) 

Patricia Kitcher
 (Roberta and William Campbell Professor of the Humanities at Columbia University)

Lecture 1 (December 17): A Kantian Critique of Current Approaches to Self-Knowledge

Lecture 2 (December 18): Kant’s Argument for the Formula of Humanity


Lecture 3 (December 18): Ethics as a Human Project


Lecture 4 (December 20): Learning from Kuhn: Some Lessons from Structure


The 1st lectures (2011)

Jaegwon Kim
 (William Herbert Perry Faunce Professor of Philosophy at Brown University) 

Lecture 1 (June 23): Metaphysical Reflections on Consciousness and the Science of Consciousness


Lecture 2 (June 24): From Naturalism to Physicalism: Supervenience Redux